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I am aware of a maximum sill height. Any concerns as to a minimum?

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I had a very similar situation about two years back. It was a remodel job and we submitted the plans to the city with the newly remodeled attic space being called a bedroom “so we had to be aware of egress requirements and such”. When the city came out for their final building inspection they wanted us to replace the double hung with a fixed window or install a window guard. This didn’t go over well with the homeowners, because then the space couldn’t be called a bedroom any longer. To please the homeowner I went back to the building department and we could find no such code for minimum sill requirements. (For a building under 72 feet, if I remember correctly) If the window was above 72 feet then it need to be changed. So anyway it was approved. Here’s the catch, If I remember correctly there was a move to change the code about a year later. I don’t know if it was adopted or not, but it would of required window guards be installed on your situation. So if the window was installed 2 years ago It more than likely would have been approved. Sorry I don’t have a direct answer for you. Either way this is something I think you should at least call it out on the report. I personally think it is a little unsafe, but that’s just me.

Russell Train

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Joe, no window with openable lights greater than 4 inches within 24 inches of the floor, unless protected by windows guards. (2006 IRC)



Window was installed 1988.

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I would go with the 2007 “ICSC” (international common sense code)…I reference it quit frequently…:smiley:

And state it supersedes any minimum building standard ever written…:smiley:


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Agreed Dale,

Also Joe, the glazing would be required to be toughened glass I believe that requirement predates the build date of the home (should be marked 16 CFR 1201)



If there is a window guard 36"-44" high, would not the upper sash of the double hung window meet the egress requirement if the resulting opening is 5.7 SF or greater?

Jim King

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