Bellingham Technical College full 2007 schedule

Bellingham Technical College residential home inspection training will be offered in a number of Washington State cities during 2007.

Bellingham, January 8 - February 2
Shoreline, February 5 - March 2
Tacoma, April 16 - May 11
Pasco, August 6-31
Spokane, September 9- October 5
Bellingham, October 29-November 23

This program is part of the Washington State Community College curriculum and is one of the most intense home inspection training programs in the country. All students, who complete the 160-hour NACHI approved program, will receive a certificate from Bellingham Technical College. The class meets 8 hours per day, over four weeks. All instructors are working home inspectors who understand the complexities of the business.

The rigorous curriculum includes instructional units in structure, exteriors, roofing, electrical, plumbing, chimneys, insulation/ventilation, furnaces, wood destroying organisms, etc. Emphasis is put on class participation, discussion, interaction and professional report writing. All students will complete four field inspections while supervised by a certified professional inspector. Additionally, students receive a set of the industry leading Dearborn Home Inspection textbooks and the structural pest inspection training books from Washington State University.

Upon completion of the class, students are prepared to take any certification test required by a state, a professional home inspection association or society, the National Home Inspector Exam, and the Washington State Structural Pest Inspector’s Exam. For detailed class information please visit:

Regional classes: The two classes that are scheduled in Bellingham will be “regional” classes. That is, students from around the state and the region are encouraged to come stay in Bellingham for the four weeks that the class is being conducted. BTC and the training staff will try to advise and help interested students find reasonable and suitable accommodations. For additional information on any aspects of the program, please call toll free: 1-866-676-6908

Not that I want well trained competition, but this course rocks. Steve is one of the best and most entertaining instructors I’ve had. And I’ve had many professors in six yrs of college course work. I won’t take much of the credit for my score on the WSDA SPI test, thanks to Steve’s own course and test I came in with a 94%. There is NO WAY to get this kind of Class room and field experience in a 6 day or even 11 day “enhanced” course.
Thanks Steve, Charlie, David and Rick

Awesome. I think this looks like a fabulous program and I may take this to put the icing on the cake so to speak. :slight_smile:

Thanks Randie!

You were a mighty fine student too. Keep in touch and, as you know, give me, Charlie, David, or Rick a call anytime. We like to talk, brainstorm inspection problems, figure solutions or otherwise scheme. That is part of the fun of it, every few inspections you see some repair or modification that you never thought any sane person would do. Then you have to figure out just how bad it really is – or is it just dumb-- and what to say about it. Hope all is well in your area and that you are making inroads. If you want anymore thoughts on the realtor presentation you are working on, let me know. Glad to share ideas of what we are doing at BTC.


Wendy, glad to have you if you are interested.