Ben Gromicko becomes Certified Distance Education Instructor.

Congrats Ben

Congrats Ben!

Congrats Ben… so that’s what has been holding off the next production. Time to get your butt in gear. More… more…more… !!! :p:twisted::smiley:

Keep up the good work Ben, Keeping up with your Bro is a steep hill to climb but, you will get there as he gets older, older, older…:|.)

Congratulations Ben- Sorry I missed you last week at my school for the Success Seminar- a broken knee cap kept me away.

All the best! IDECC is a fine institution. I have been IDECC Certified since the inception of the program, and it was a viable online training program for distance learners-

Bill, thanks for letting us use your school. Get well soon.

Congratulations Ben!!

Bill, Get well soon!

I’m not sure what that entails, Ben, but I enjoyed the Advanced HVAC unit on Very nice.

Congratulations Ben.

Thank you.

With this certification we can bring InterNACHI and NACHI.TV online courses to real estate agents for fulfilling their continuing education.

Bringing real estate agents and InterNACHI together. Hmmm…

Coming soon. Watch out…

Congradulations Ben