Best and Worst Christmas Presants

The wife Christmas present thread got me thinking

What is the best and worst present you have brought or received

The gift of eternal life…

Was that your best or worst ???


This year, I bought my wife a bevelled garnet ring and matching earrings. I try to outdo myself each year, but it gets harder each time.
I dont buy for valentines day or other commercialized occasions, I give my wife gifts “just because”.

Someone I know who shall remain nameless last year brought his wife a set of kitchen knives

About 40 years ago I felt my wife needed a 20 guage light weight Remington mahogany 1100 .

Best christmas present I ever bought her .

Gee I sure love that gun.

Actually I did buy it for her as a 12 guage kicks to hard for her .
We went out to Manatoba Goose hunting with another couple
They shot one goose and Char got 9 and I got 10 for our count
Plus many partridge and ducks.

Yes, but there were eternally sharpened Ginsu’s. :smiley:

Do you still have all your parts remaining after that. :shock: That sounds dangerous.

Bought my wife a Maxima…early no less…3 months ago…but it was her X-Mas present…I plan on MILKING that one for the 5 years of payments…the gift that keeps giving…DEBT !

Ah…the worst gift I ever got…hmmm…back when I was 18…some girl at a club gave me CRABS…does that count…sorry you asked and that was a CRAPPY gift…man I am glad I am not 18 anymore.

Yep I know how to run when I have to. Oops I mean the person who brought them knows how to run

My worst present may have been my best.

On our first Christmas together, my wife and I had little if no money. Knowing how much I liked Peanut Butter, she bouught me a jar of peanut butter and gave it to me for Christmas wrapped in old scarf of hers.

It was more than I got her…:frowning:


Do you still hunt?

I renew my hunting license every 5 years,but have not hunted in 15 years.

John I would have hard time living with out crunchy peanut butter.
I have a Nephew who is also a lover of peanut butter. He was getting married and we bought them a present .
40 years ago no idea what But I also bought them a 2.5 gallon pail of peanut butter .
This was the talk of the wedding .
I bet every one from that wedding still remembers the 2.5 gallon of peanut butter.


When life dishes you crabs, make crab cakes! :mrgreen: Unless you meant, oh, wait a sec, don’t make crab cakes with those things…in fact, you might want to visit your local phramacy.:smiley: