Best panel info sheet EVER

Found this at today’s inspection. I bet it drove the individual crazy that drafted this that they could not find out what #14 was powering.

That is amazing! Now that is what I call a load center circuit director! :smiley:

Any high def pics? Sorry just a tad blurry for my old eyes lol.

  • load center directory.

Some electrical company should hire them to follow the crew.

how about this one?

It’s common to do that on the rough and then take a photo to make up the final directory from the photo. You just need to make sure that they don’t close up the wall first. :smiley:

I’ll raise you one :slight_smile:
I don’t see these too often on the job, but this is from my buddy’s basement.
I asked him for the Word file original, that’s how much I liked it:

Wow, that one is detailed!