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It’s on the site.


“should expect more than what I see”, yet you aren’t reading any of the social media comments asking for inspectors all over the country. If you don’t want to be part of it - don’t. No one is forcing your hand.

Out of curiosity, what are the other three criteria Austin? I only see 7 on the site.


We review sample reports, we have a questionnaire you fill out in addition to what you see, and Preston and I must be in agreement that all 10 points are hit.


What about us in snow country?

So the criteria is…

  1. You must submit 1 sample report.
  2. You must fill out a questionnaire.
  3. Preston and AJ must agree that you are a Best Inspector.

And then the other seven qualifications actually listed on the website?
Do I have that correct?

Correct. In order for us to feel confident referring an inspector, all must be met.

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Do you feel like someone could qualify to be a Best Inspector without ever having actually performed an inspection? I was looking at the application and it doesn’t ask how many inspections you have performed or anything like that. Or is there an interview process where that question is asked?

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That’s where it becomes objective. Preston and I actually ran into that scenario a few weeks ago. Guy hadn’t done an inspection in years, but got back into the game recently. We declined him simply for the fact that he may have been a good inspector years ago, but we don’t feel comfortable putting our name on a referral for him. Preston refunded him the application fee. Ultimately, the main goal is just to refer good people to do good jobs. I got burned on a celebrity home in Florida in 2023 and I’ll never make that mistake again. Friend of mine bought an 11k sf home and the inspector that did the job found maybe 5 or 6 things, meanwhile half the house needs rewired and half the roof has already been replaced.

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Yawn… another day, another middle-man wanting my money. The obvious omission that is the #1 question I’ve been asked over the last 24 years when I pick up the phone… “How long have you been doing inspections?”

I get it… a new inspector’s money spends the same as one with 20 years of experience and you don’t want to exclude anyone. It’s not a bad idea in theory but you’re a bit late to the party. This industry, and every other once out there, is full of similar outfits promising the sky.

Just to be sure my experience isn’t an anomaly… #1 question on the first article that comes up when Googling, “#1 Question to ask before hiring a home inspector.”


I’m the #1 inspector on social media. I’m hardly late to any party. If I put my name on a referral, you better believe I’m going to make sure its been personally vetted.

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Did you refer the inspector to your friend, or what do you mean “you got burned?”

Feel free to vet this…

It’s posted on the website for everyone to see.

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Yeah the buyer is a friend of mine. He had a 10 day inspection window and I’m not licensed in FL. I was going to try to make the trip down but my schedule just wouldn’t free up. So I asked in a FB who is available and I looked at a couple and sent him his contact info. The inspector tainted the water sample in the process. The wind mitigation inspection wasn’t performed to standard (or however it’s worded - I don’t do them here in TN so I’m unfamiliar with them), and I saw the final report and it was literally embarrassing. Had I known any of that I would have definitely found someone else. I fielded calls for a week because of how bad it was.

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Drone or Docapole

Rough stuff. At least it was a friend and he didn’t sue for negligent referral, I assume.

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To see snow on the roof?

Yeah he ultimately didn’t want to press any further. I asked him if he wanted to me to demand he get a refund or assist in a claim, but ultimately he just wanted me to “remember the inspector in the future” and to just let it go. It’s been pretty awkward since.

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Why 49 states and not 50?