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Home Inspection Leaders Austin Jenkins and Preston Kincaid Launch Global Referral Network

Home inspection experts Austin Jenkins (known widely as “Inspector AJ”) and Preston Kincaid (“Inspector Preston”) have announced the launch of an innovative new service aimed at elevating the standards of home inspection worldwide. The duo has combined their extensive industry experience and significant social media influence to create a referral network that vets home inspectors across the globe.

Austin Jenkins, a Code Certified Master Inspector®️ with a social media following of over 2.3 million, along with Certified Master Inspector® Preston Kincaid, who boasts more than 200,000 followers, have developed a rigorous 10-point criteria list to ensure only the most qualified inspectors are referred to clients. This list includes membership in the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), as well as thorough verifications of insurance and licensing, detailed review of sample reports, and other crucial factors.

“Our goal is to connect clients with the top inspectors in the industry,” said Jenkins. “We want to ensure that every inspector we recommend not only meets but exceeds the high standards that we set, which we believe are essential in making a good inspector great.”

"We want to make it easier for clients to find the inspectors who will inspect with their best interests in mind, and avoid the many pitfalls that exist in home buying today,"said Kincaid.

The network aims to simplify the process for clients looking for qualified and reliable home inspectors by providing a trusted and thoroughly vetted list of professionals. This service is particularly beneficial for those who require inspections for international properties or high-stakes investments and are unable to personally vet inspectors in distant locations.

For additional information about Austin Jenkins, Preston Kincaid, and their global referral network, or to learn more about the vetting process and criteria, please contact:


About Austin Jenkins and Preston Kincaid

Austin Jenkins, “Inspector AJ”, is a Code Certified Master Inspector® known for his extensive knowledge and approachable, informative social media content. Preston Kincaid is a Certified Master Inspector® with a strong background in ensuring thorough and accurate home inspections. Together, they are dedicated to improving the quality and reliability of home inspections globally.

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Never heard of either of them in my 26+ years of inspecting, (CA, OR, WA, MN).

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Anyone sends me a bad meme, you’re in trouble. :flushed:

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AJ has nearly 2 million followers on TikTok alone:

2 million!!!

He also has 184,000 followers on instagram: Austin Jenkins (@inspector.aj) • Instagram photos and videos

He has more followers than the current President of the United State.

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And Laura Cleary has 946K Subscribers on YouTube for this one single posting alone…!!


Never heard of you either, but that doesn’t mean we can’t meet up at a convention sometime. Come to Orlando :smiley:


And she has 12K likes. A.J. has nearly 50 million likes. 50 million!!! And check out the logo on his shirt in nearly every one of his many videos.


I saw AJ promote it on a video and I was considering ‘applying’ but then I saw Preston was involved with it. I once saw Preston make a video about doing an inspection here in Arizona as well as talking about how people fly him all over everywhere to do their inspections for them, but Arizona is a regulated state and he doesn’t show up on the state website as licensed to do home inspections here.
I don’t think that’s right, so if he’s part of something that requires a license check then even he shouldn’t part of it. I’m sure he’s a competent and good inspector, though. His clients definitely seem to love him.

AJ is very entertaining and I’ve learned a lot from watching his stuff.

If I’m missing something about Preston then I’ll happily eat my words.

“Angies” for “Best Inspectors”??? :thinking: You pay $49 to be “considered” for you to make the list, and if you make it, $240 a year to be on it based on Google reviews?

How many dolts are going to conned out of $49 bucks… :man_shrugging: :shushing_face:


I get about 75-100 questions a day asking the same thing: “do you know any good inspectors in city/state?” I’ve referred inspectors and it’s absolutely BURNED me. Given me a bad reputation because of the bad job they did. No one is forcing you to apply and be vetted. It’s a free country and free market. But if I’m going to spend about 2-3 hours vetting you to make sure that you get referred on my list, yeah, it’s exclusive. I only want to recommend the best possible inspector to any of my followers that asks. That’s why we have a 10 point criteria that has to be met to a high standard.


I strongly encourage you to call him and chat for 15 minutes. A client did in fact fly him to AZ to serve as a consultant. It happens. I have followers beg me to fly to their locations (I’ve even done it). I think if you opened your mind a little about him you’d really enjoy talking to him and see how we are trying to promote a positive experience for both buyers and inspectors alike.


I’ve had more views on my videos than the entire population of the United States. Plus she’s hot. I’m a 5 at best but I like inspecting things. :grin:


So you’re the “Taylor Swift” of home inspecting videos? :wink:

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Umm. I did one video about a row of mailboxes in AZ. And a restaurant we ate at. Lol. I’m quite sure neither of those require a license.

I’ve consulted with clients in a number of states, but I’ve never done anything that breaks any rules, requirements or laws.


One member has received 4 inspections from the list in one month. I’d say that’s the best $20 ever spent.


Awesome! :+1: What is the average on all that have signed up? Do you post your stats?


Were not currently tracking leads/jobs because that would require getting in between clients and inspectors, which we don’t want to do.

I our private BIL Facebook group the members are posting when they get inspections. And they are coming in steady!

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Sorry. I don’t do or trust Facebook post. You guys need to get it together more, but in all honesty, I would never make your criteria, but those who do, should expect more than what I see.

We’re just getting started! But thanks for the feedback.


Can we see what these are prior to giving you our hard-earned $49?