Bill Forrest has received a Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award for 2019

(Marcel R. Cyr, CMI) #1

**Bill Forrest **, also doing business as MSRE Home Inspection Services, LLC,

recently was awarded the prestigious iNACHI Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award April 20, 2019. His name has been added to our growing list of InterNACHI members at ( ). Congratulations Bill , and we hope to see you on our list of award winners for next year and beyond.

To apply for the iNACHI Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award go to ( ) for qualifications, standards and submission criteria.

And, for those unfamiliar, here is a link about Gerry Beaumont:…-update-71570/

On behalf of the awards committee we would like to congratulate and thank you for working hard, bettering our profession and earning

​your 2019 InterNachi Gerry Beaumont Education Award. Please see your attached award.

Marcel Cyr
and The Awards Committee

(Larry Kage, CMI) #2

Congratulations, Bill! :+1: :smiley:

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(Joseph DePiero) #3

Congratulations Bill!

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(William Forrest, CMI) #4

Thank you all.

(Roy Lewis, CMI - North Florida Inspector) #5

Congratulations, Bill!

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(Marc A. Goldenberg, Inspector Lic # HI1365 Mold Assessor Lic #1) #6

CONGRATS BILL! :sunglasses:

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(Dave Fetty, CMI) #7

Congrats Bill!!

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(Spencer Clark) #8

Congratulations Bill!

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(Gary Oleski, CMI CT.# HOI. 341) #9

Congratulations Bill!

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(Jordan Roy) #10


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