Blacksburg Virginia

Hi all, I have a request from a client of an agent, has anyone have anything that this client should know of, also anyone from this area, I would be glad to sent your name on to him, here is his message, thanx, Chuck. Hi Chuck,
S. MacDonald recommended that I contact you regarding a house I am looking at down here in Blacksburg Virginia.
It is a new home that was just built in 2008. It is 1.5 stories and is about 2800sqft.
The house has a slab foundation and I am just wondering if you have any advice or suggestions regarding this I should ask/consider……
Any information would be great, I have attached a link to the site just in case you need more information.
Mike Agnew](

This is a bit far for me, but I will go out there!

Have him give me a call 301-942-4610.


message sent, thanx Kevin.:stuck_out_tongue: