Boiler age?

Sears/ M#229963450 - S#36820168 what would the age be?
Also, the heating capacity is rated at 118,000, that is the btu, correct?


I can’t find any info on that one Gary. Sorry.

SEARS is manufacturing Boilers?

The boiler appears to be about 15 plus in years.

The series is a : PW51

September 1982.

Sears (and Montgomery Ward) were mostly distributors. Sears still is.


I’m always trying to learn.

Please share how you came up with that info.

I think every major manufacturer has, at one point in time, manufactured stuff for Sears (and Montgomery Ward). However, everything that I have encountered has been the real easy-to-decode serial number that starts mmyy or wwyy. Since there are not 36 months, that one would appear to be the wwyy type, which puts it, I believe, at the first week in September.