Boiler flue without hood?

I’ve never seen this before. I found the old flue in the corner of the basement, but the new flue has a direct connection to the boiler. Is this even legal?

If you opened the front cover of the boiler you would either find a draft inducer or not.

If you find the draft inducer fan your flue is fine.

Nope, no draft inducer motor present.

Looks like there may be one behind the cover .

Do you have a pic of the interior?

In any case I would be checking the boiler’s installation instructions.

Not very good ones.

I think that is a draft inducer in the upper right hand corner.

Get the model number and check the owner’s manual.

Does not look right for a Burnham Boiler.
Note it…
And let the Heating Technician figure it out…

I think that is bottom of the gas valve

I think you are right Wayne.

Good call.