Boiler/water heater question

Found the answer. Water heater no longer in use, but what is attached to the flue? Gas censers?

So what are they using for Potable hot water?

There is a second water heater. At first I thought this water heater had something to do with the boiler. but it is just abandoned.

Can’t tell by the pic, but is there still water running through it? If so, I would be concerned about Legionnaires Disease.

Here that would not passed but I do not have the time to discuss the issue. I will say that the HWT needs to be rated for circulation. Maybe now Buck or Charley will fill in.
Over and Out.

This is what is probably going to replace boiler systems.

Never happen. (At least in states that actually need HEAT)!!!

I’ve seen poor attempts that Harry (engineer) Homeowner made, and they don’t work worth a damn. Okay for a vacation cabin maybe, but that’s pushing it.

Here it is being coupled with solar as added heat. Very efficient designed R2000 homes and anyone going Green.

Again… solar is very limited.

The switches on the vent look like thermo switches installed to shut down the appliance in the event of a back draft condition at the diverter. It doesn’t look like it is connected on the control side. Usually they are connected in series with the thermocouple. Looks like they have installed an air switch at the burner opening too - who knows what they were trying to do.:roll:

The switches are spill switches (safeties) make by field controls.