Bonding , better late than never?

First pic is main disconnect from meter. Then feeds transfer switch which then has 4 wire to main panel in basement. Well, the 4 wire is iffy, the green in main disconnect goes straight to main panel in basement. The only ground connection between transfer switch and main disconnect is the grounding conductor going to both grounding rods. Some thoughts? Besides grounded conductor not marked.

The service disconnect is missing the MBJ (green screw) that would bond the neutral. The feeder to the ATS requires an EGC run with the feeder conductors. Was the main disconnect labeled as the emergency disconnect?

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I think you mean remote distribution panel (aka subpanel) in the basement.

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Is this where the missing MBJ screw would go? (My yellow arrow)

Yes I believe so. The label on the cover would likely confirm that. Also if the bare copper conductor is a GEC it must terminate on the neutral not the enclosure.


Interesting. I’m sure there’s a good reason, but I’m curious what it is? (since it’s all bonded to the enclosure) TIA.

The NEC doesn’t want the path to the neutral to rely on the metal enclosure. If there were a wire connection (MBJ) between the EGC bus and the neutral then the GEC can land on either bus.


Indeed, that would have been better language.

And the county code inspector passed it. Seems hard to call out defects when stuff like this is good enough for them to pass. This house is 2 years old. No emergency disconnect label

I was suprised there wasnt a green screw laying in the bottom of the disconnect.

I did not see any issues in subpanel except surge protector device not installed. But does pickaway county not enforce it. I need to talk to some local code inspectors to pick their brains

Ok, there are some things. White conductors on 240 breakers not relabled.

The sub-panel has an EGC on the neutral bus that needs to be removed and installed on the EGC bus. It’s funny it appears in one photo but not the other.

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That is weird.


And gone:

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Pictures must have been taken at different times. Possibly a re-inspect?


Yes, i farm with the owner. I had him fix that, it was the electric hot water heater ground. Good eye

But he wont change where the bonding happens🤬. The main distribution panel cover has been off for months. Thats how he rolls lol