Brand new construction

FYI, did you know that the building code defines “hot water”?

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Last year a client asked me to inspect their home as it was being constructed. The roof over the patio was framed with 4 inch posts. The drawings which were stamped by an engineer required 6 inch posts. The builder said it was overkill there was no need for it. The city already did their framing inspection they said everything was good to go.

A code book is like a set of drawings it’s a great place to verify your findings. If you don’t know what you’re doing never quote a code book.

By the way I insisted on a structural engineer to sign off on the four inch posts. They shored up at the roof with two more additional 4 inch posts. The drawings came in pretty handy.


Please forgive the noob questions but I’m not certain I know what you are referring to. What is within 1/4 of contacting live buses? Are you referring to that ring? Is that ring supposed to serve a purpose?

I believe it is a ring that keeps the glass connected to the meter base (see just to the left of it where it should be?), David. Someone stuck it there and forgot about it, or some such thing happened.

Okay apparently everyone wants to point out how it’s okay and make me seem to not know anything by my comment. Thanks for the input and I will be leaving this group.

Really? All I see is some really good advice from a couple responses and then another injecting a little humor…

I agree Brian I don’t know what happened either.

Come on Tami stay around.
Mostly some of us are misunderstood.
A few times some of us are big mean poopie pants.

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Larry (no relation) Kage answered the question about the ring. These rings come with the meter panel with also a protective round cover that is either plastic or cardboard and the ring should have been used to hold that temporary cover over the meter socket to protect it from dirt, paint stucco…etc. But the electrician stuffed it in there so it would not get lost when he did the ruff in.

Now as others have pointed out…The (city) Code Inspector passed this off.

Thank you for having me. I like the ideas presented here. It makes you think.

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This was new construction - pre-drywall… looking straight up from 1st floor to the drain of the master bath garden tub. County inspector had just signed off. Contractor wound up having to install 4 new trusses because of this, before they could insulate and drywall.

A few more of those and the carpenters will learn not to run floor joist under tub outlets.

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That looks like an engineered floor joist, and it goes exactly where the plan say it goes.
Up to the plumber or architect to design it right, install it right, or make proper changes in the field.

Locating the through floor items e.g. tubs drains, toilets, etc., was one of the 1st things to do when laying out the floor joists…at least for me and those I knew.


That how the good guys do it Larry. The tub waste and toilets go where they go end of story. Floor joist can get moved I don’t care if they’re engineered or not you can always move a floor joist away from a tub or toilet and add another one next to it. I’ve seen that done hundreds of times.