New Construction, Licensed Professionals, Code Officials-- LOL

New construction just this past week, same home, same city code inspector. Professional and licensed contractors…

well I guess it is electrical tape so it should be fine right…(How long will it be before those steel knockouts at the top of the panel fall down and short out the panel.

Furnace exhaust vent in the attic. that should be just fine!

dryer vent fastened with screws up in there somewhere either between floors or at the attic level.
And oh yes weatherstripping not installed at the common door to the attached garage… But then who are we to point out the little things… That may contribute to the family waking up dead in the morning…

This home just received the final inspection and certificate of occupancy just a couple of days before we arrived.


You should send your report to the city


I sent some to the county during my time and things were fixed. I sent them to the inspectors that signed off and copied the head of the construction inspection department. LOL!

I received a lot of word of mouth work from doing that.


I see this crap every week. The talented and educated craft have retired. The kids today want to push keyboard keys not hammers or shovels. The home construction is left to whoever can swing a hammer. Are you sure the workers were licensed and not just the owners?


Good finds. One of the things that helps keep us in business.


As a former county building inspector, I am all too familiar with this type of workmanship. In my experience, a lot of time inspectors are too rushed to complete a thorough inspection and there are also those that just don’t care anymore. I used to constantly fail insulation inspections for improper installation methods and when it came time for the next job’s inspection, there would be no change in technique. As Martin already said, the majority of the new generation of workers just don’t seem to take pride in their work.


Sounds like a plan, Thanks for that Larry and Lukasz :vulcan_salute: