Brick cracks can tell a story

This is what i have often found as well, vertical 'n step cracks in bricks. Especially when they are near a corner of foundation wall so just a heads up for some home inspectors.

1:00 mark, ‘home inspector referred by real estate agent, alot of people will buy a home and home inspector says, just tuckpoint it’, wrong answer sheesh lol you’re not helping your client at all!

2:10 crack in bricks like this and crack in basement wall below ‘most often from soil pressure’, yes, that is what i have often witnessed as well

2:50 ‘you gotta dig it up and waterproof it…’, correct. It needs to be done right, backfilled corretly (all gravel, NOT the same lousy soil)

Example - short video, see the corner bricks? About 1’ UP from grade, recently been REPLACED… hmm lol.

2nd example vid same house, now inside view of block wall… crack, there is at least 1 exterior crack in block wall (needs exterior waterproofing) and corner of wall is a bit screwed up

Neighbor has a couple big trees within 15-20’ from this corner and homeowner just removed 1 big azz tree in backyard and and has another, both with 15’ ish from this corner

Example 4 photos, step crack in bricks near corner

exterior crack in block basement wall, was one reason basement leaked and had some mold and efflorescence on some of the blocks inside.

This senior lady was almost bs’d big time by… yeah you guessed it, an interior basement system company who lied to her and told her she needs piers and an interior drainage system for BIG $$$$$, no way man, nope.

Her husband had previously hired a moron (you should be able to see tar outside in small area where crack is), well they backfilled with all the same crap expansive clay soil = big mistake, didn’t last long at all = waste of money., gotta be done correctly

we did this small section and 2’ on front corner because there was also 2 more exterior cracks, one on side corner and 1 on front corner


Go get 'em, Mark!..great work getting the word out. :+1:

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