Brick - to report or not?

Found some areas on a new construction home were the brickwork mortar wasnt exactly great. My concern would be water penetrating these areas in the winter and then possibly becoming a bigger issue. Just wanted others opinions and thoughts and was looking for some good brick informational links.


Needs to be repointed.

If I see this type of thing I usually make a comment about it in the exterior siding portion of my report. I do not let it make it to the summary…but it does go to the maint. summary…

Ditto what WF said…I also mention it verbally to my client if they are present.

anyone have any good informational links on repointing?

This might help.

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Thats one of those things where if not reported could result in a friend or neighbor of the client producing a $250 repair estimate for later.

I always remember this quote: “You can report it now or pay for it later”
I believe a former inspector named Jerry Peck posted that before.

Thats a weep hole vent, much like a plumbing vent it lets air in to the system so the weep hole drain more effectively. Also helps vent Radon gas out of the wall.
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What ever happened to Jerry Peck I used to have some lengthy discusions with him rather hard headed but very knowledgeable

He’s not a former inspector.

He’s a former NACHI inspector.

He’s one of “Nicks 11 inspectors” who’ve left NACHI and stayed in the business.

Jerry is very knowledgeable and highly qualified. I visited him a few years back while vacationing in Florida.

He can be found here…