Brick Veneer Walls - Weep Holes

What is the minimum and maximum opening allowed for weep holes in Brick Veneer Walls?

A. Minimum of 1/4-inch up to a maximum of 3-inches in length.
B. 3/8 inch diameter (for round holes) up to the length of one mortar joint in between two adjoining bricks of a course (normally 3 ½ inches).
C. 5/8 wide up to 6-inches in length.
D. No standard minimum and maximum weep hole opening sizes have been established by any code or standard.

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Remember…This question is relevant to Brick Veneer Walls and not solid load bearing brick walls.

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There is a minimum size requirement for weep holes. The 2000, 2003, and 2006 IRC all stipulate:

**R703.7.6 Weep holes. **
Weep holes shall be provided in the outside wythe of masonry walls at a maximum spacing of 33 inches (838 mm) on center. Weep holes shall not be less than 3 /16 inch (4.8 mm) in diameter. Weep holes shall be located immediately above the flashing.

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Brick Veneer requires weep holes and flashing review basic brick construction techniques.

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