brochure design for The Building Inspector

What started out as a multi-page document, has been transformed into a friendly and professional trifold brochure.

If your existing marketing needs and upgrade, or you would like to bring content from one layout to another, email me at I will provide you with a new and improved design, and Kate Tarasenko will freshen up your content.

Free for all InterNACHI members.



Really nice.

I love it. Can’t wait to get it from the nachistore. Thanks Jessica and Kate!!

Kate really did a lot of work on this one. It is really pro.

I really like this one!

Nick, I propose that Kate and Jessica can never, ever, be members of InterNachi as home inspectors in central Florida. It would be unfair competition. Please, do everything you can, to keep them happy and in CO.

Congratulations on your new Brochure design!
Jessica, Levi and Akiko are so creative!

We would like to offer you **$50.00 **off your first order and FREE matching business cards!! Just type “jessica” all lower case in the coupon field.

As InterNACHI’s Platinum approved printing vendor we at would like to personally oversee your printing needs and have your brochure printed on 100# text Go Green® Premium recycled paper with an aqueous coating and folded so they look great. That’s what we have done for over a decade for all of Nick’s brochures, and our brochures are inexpensive:
1000 is only 35.8 cents each
2500 is only 18.32 cents each
5000 is only 11.7 cents each.

Just go to the link below to order and Jessica will send us your file.…77&ParentCat=6

Seeing how much “The Meeker” dislikes these threads, I’m surprised he hasn’t reported a certain post as “Spam” !!!