Bryant Age please.

The only numbers I could find on an AC unit was the indoor air handler.

model: 505BB0030040CG27
serial number: 08D5678

Little help, please?

thank you,


In your Serial # sequence…Bryant uses the 3rd character as the year. So you’ve either got a old unit manufactured in 1975 or a newer unit manufactured in 1998.

This look 10 years old?



P.S. talking about the unit, not the filter. :wink:



Looking at the color…It looks older than 10 y/o to me.

Did you red flag the HVAC return being in the same room as the furnace? A big NO-NO.

It’s an electric furnace.

I have no clue what the flue is behind, it might be from the kitchen exhaust. Oh this unit is installed above the bathroom drop ceiling.

So I’m trying to accurately determine what is happening here.




Electric furnace explains the return in the same room.

I still believe you’ve got a unit older than 10 years old.

Can’t be a 1998 unit with that type of serial number since they quit using that type of serial number circa early 1980s, at which point they went with the standard week-week-year-year to start the serial number. Thus, it’s an August 1975 unit.

That’s why I stated…

Usually when I can’t figure out the age and I see that particular color shell, I mark the unit as 20+.