Builder Obstructs Clients Right to Inspection

I have a potential client who is closing on a home he had built by Sterling Homes. the builder asked that I provide insurance cert. No problem. Now they want Workman’s Comp. I explained to client that I am not required to have Workman’s Comp. and the builder knows that this is how to deny access for the inspection. I’m sure some of you have run across this before.

The Company that I work for is a “S Corporation”.
I am paid as a W-2 Employee
For New Home Inspections,
when Builders call asking for a “Workman’s Compensation Certification” for me
they are in shock when our office staff reply is “give us your fax number”
Cost of doing business…
Rewards outweigh Liability.

They do not even need a reason to deny inspection as there is no legal right to have one.
Ask Will Decker who I called last summer when the Developer Foreman tossed me out how that went down(OK I will just tell you).

The guy walked in when I was inspecting a unit by myself as the client was out of town and recognized me from another building and thought I almost cost them a sale but after I left my client called and said he would cancel the deal if I was not allowed back in .

That is the only way to handle it.
By the way you are technically by law responsible to have workman’s comp if self employed as I found out years ago when subcontracting.

He had the home built for him. He can’t back out. I told him to contact Tom Corbett.:stuck_out_tongue:

Linas that sucks. When I was the enemy( Builder) I often had HI’s inspect my work. I didn’t care and said up front I don’t have to correct anything the HI found. Never had an issue and always corrected items found anyway. Never had anything to hide.

Linas, here in FL we can “opt out” of workmans comp. Put the premiums in the bank and you might be bettter off. Not sure how it applies to your stsate but might be worth lookingh into. Just my 00.0002 cents adjusted for inflation.

This was the first time in 5 years. I done inspections on new construction prior to closing and had to produce proof of Liability Insurance, never Workman’s Comp. I’m not going to carry it for 1 inspection. I referred him to one of the most nit-picking inspectors in the Chicago area. He thanked me for the referral and my efforts.

I feel sorry for the builder.:twisted:

I had one referred to me the other day by another inspector because the Home owner wanted the inspector to have workers comp. This is the fifth time that having the insurance someone wanted got me a job. Including $1,000,000 in liability.

Been at this over 10 years
have always had Workman’s Comp Insurance.
Not a big deal

Common request if you do
a large number of New Construction or Phase Inspections.

…and worth more
than the jobs you
will lose
not having the Insurance…

Not worth it for me. I carry extra Liability insurance for the thermal imaging company because lots of commercial jobs want $2 mil. I cover a years’ premium in 2 hours work.:wink:

John M. In Florida we can opt out but the last 2 years I built (06-07)my ins. co. insisted on comp for all working on my sites. If not at my yearly audit I was billed at their rate.

In my area as a 1 man / self-employed guy Workmans Comp NOT required.

Linus -

Is old “Mr Softie” (TomaCor) still alive and kicking. If he still has his old personality, he will give the builder a level of protection the builder has only had nighmares about in the past.

Out here we call it “workers’ compensation” since it also is available to women.

However, I’ve never been able to get it here in California as a sole proprietor, so I can’t even opt out of it. I simply can’t get it.

I guess he’s doing fine. He was contacted last night. I asked the guy to keep in touch and let me know how it goes.:wink:

And what will you do when a Commercial Client also requests a copy of your Workers Compensation Insurance Policy?

2 Million Liability is not a large sum of money. That is generally the Minimum requested of us for Commercial Accounts.

I’ll deal with it or I’ll have them call you.:wink:

Check with your Business Accountant and Attorney.
You may needlessly be Passing on Business.
Proper Business Incorporation will far outweigh any Insurance Policy if your concern is protection.
If you are looking to increase Liability Limits,
a review of your Corporate Status may be in order.

This isn’t that complex. I lost 1 home inspection in 5 years because I didn’t carry Workman’s Comp. How much would I have paid in premiums for 5 years?