building paper

in a unfinshed garage , the wall that is facing to the outside of exterior building does the building paper go on the inside part of the garage or the
bbuilding paperehind the sheathing . This is a 1963 stucco home and the building paper is visible because there was never drywall put up against
the inside of the garage just can see the framing and building paper with long wire strands attached to it. Thanks

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: If I understand the question correctly, this product was used on the bare studs and the wire mesh that you see is what bonded the stucco finish to it. This product was also used for different applications, and without going to intensive research, it would explain why you think it is felt paper.

Pictures would help.

Hopes this helps.


Looking at gar. from inside you see framing and black paper with
one wire strand then behind the paper is sheathing. does this help .

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Who’s gar. and why is he reading the paper behind the sheathing?
Those “wire strands” might be his hair.:smiley: