Building Science & Infrared Thermal Imaging for Inspectors Course

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I checked out the operations of the Flir one camera attachment for my Iphone 5C. It works quite well, especially since I also use a spot point temperature probe so I can also get a quick base line on what I am seeing. I just ordered the Flir one so I am taking the course to learn more on this trending tech for home inspections. The Flir one will get me started and if this picks up in our area I will look at stepping up to a much higher grade camera.

Jus finished the course and found it very informative. Thanks for providing this to us.

Hi this is David from Harris home inspections I look forward to taking Building Science and Infrared Thermal Imaging course.

Hi everyone:
What a great course. Not only did I learn about the nuances associated with thermal imaging, but also the common sense that is part and parcel of infra red imaging. Learning all about thermal imaging is so important to being a well educated inspector.

Starting Course!!

Looking forward to getting into this course!

Looking forward to taking the course. Any ideas about the best camera to get?
It looks like the ones that cost $2,000.00 are the best ones for home inspections.

Looking Forward to this corse

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Going for it all in Thermal Imaging.

Starting this class now.

Starting course.

I want to buy a thermal camera but i’m not sure where to get one. I have tried looking on ebay but I didn’t see any for sale. Would like to find something affordable.

Starting course.

There was an improper connection of exhaust vent pipe to draft hood. There should be a minimum of 3 screw per connection. The flex return line was kinked and should be repaired by a qualified Plumbing Contractor.


Here is my verbiage pertaining to this picture that I would state in a report. Because of gutter system being plugged with debris, ( vegetation growing in gutters) water runs behind gutter system, down along the inside of the exterior wall where it has begun rotting the wood. Again I recommend consulting with a qualified contractor for replacing the gutters and then addressing the exterior wood rot problem.

I read about the use of narratives in report writing. My wife says I spend too much time in writing narratives for the inspection report. I think that it is extremely important that you word descriptions correctly. What you say has to hold water in your professional assessment in describing things that you document in reports. And you can not simply refer to a professional in every circumstance.

This is an air handler for a heat pump in Florida. This is a typical air conditioning system here. Combined with proper non leaking ductwork, this type of system runs pretty efficiently for both heat and air conditioning.