Buried Oil storage tank

Came across a buried 1000 gal oil tank, just report that there was a buried oil tank on property and that’s it???anything else I should be made known of?

I have no idea about The USA but I do know in Canada Buried oil tanks can only be removed by a qualified contractor and depending on condition and if it has leaked or not.
The cost can be from $1,000:00 to $100,000:00 or more .
I am not kidding not a little .
So make sure you write it up properly and also tell your client they must have further evaluation by a qualified person .
Write Hard talk soft and Miss nothing .
Roy Cooke

In Illinois, the state Fire Marshall has a database of all underground fuel tanks.

They will not get insurance with a buried oil tank.

Here is some helpful information:http://www.inspect-ny.com/oiltanks/fueltank.htm

“One or more underground fuel storage tank likely exists on the property, as we noticed a fill pipe in the yard. As mentioned in our contract, we do not inspect underground storage tanks. We offer this information as a courtesy and you may want to further investigate the tank and the potential environmental ramifications associated with its presence.”

good one Joe, I would add:
environmental and financial ramifications associated with the presence and possible governmental mandated cleanup of any possible leaking.