Buried Water Tank

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Yes! … I’d like to borrow 10 years of attention.

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So, I have not inspected the property another inspector did so. I am doing a mold test for the client but this was brought to my attention. The front of the tank is actually slightly exposed but the rest of the tank is buried. I have not been to the property yet but was sent the attached pic.

The client is convinced this is a cistern, can you guys tell from this pic? I am curious were cisterns common in NJ at some point?

Looks like oil to me!
After looking at it further …I’m not sure.

I am new to the inspection game but, have seen a few tanks both buried (taken out) and in the basement. However, isn’t odd that they would have the end of the tank partially protruding though the wall like that? If you wanted to remove this tank regardless of the type it seems to me that it will be very costly as it cemented into the foundation??? Why would it have been done this way?

All this guy is paying for is a mold inspection. Why give him free information that will make you liable if its wrong! As you already surmised it will be costly to remove, and if it leaked oil even more so. While you may think it benefits your reputation by being a “nice” guy and helpful and all that it can ruin you just as easily. Accurate identification requires onsite examination. CYA and charge for what you do.

I agree with you! No argument but, I would like to educate myself on this. That is the benefit of this site and you guys who are on it and willing share your insights and guidance.

It is an unusual installation. It may be impossible to assess without examining how the plumbing is arranged and what it connects to.

Here is another pic, would a cistern have this type of gauge?

I wanted to say thanks for the quick response to my question. I realize how busy you guys are - it is very appreciated!!

A cistern would not (just a vessel for storing water) but a well tank would (water is pumped into the tank and pressure is maintained to pump water through the house). You still need to know where the pipes go.

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