Buried Water Tank

Has anyone ever heard of or seen a buried “Water Tank”? A client sent me pictures of some piping coming out of a basement wall and seems to think its from a water tank and not an oil thank. What would be the purpose of a buried water tank.

Underground cistern? Post the photos of the pipes?

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Freddie, make sure that you disavow any knowledge of ANY underground anything. You can’t see it and be sure. But, make sure you recommend a qualified professional to assess what it is and what to do with it, if anything.

It is very important that that gets into your report or it could be costly!


Oh, and Feddie, welcome to our forum…where there are no stupid questions…Enjoy! :smile:

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Sounds like it might have been discussed as being an underground oil tank already. If it is an oil tank, it can be very costly for removal and remediation.

I bet they got that idea from a realtor trying to save the sale, likely as stated by a seller to try and BS their way out of removing the buried oil tank!! Trust nothing anyone tells you about a home. If you cannot positively ID an item, call it out for the appropriate party to determine and advise for corrective action if any.


Agree with Jeff. No way, that I can imagine, that and underground cistern or “water tank” would have pipes coming through the basement wall. I bet the pipes are near the furnace!


No underground cisterns tied into homes in Ontario? :grinning:

there is an island not far from here where they get their potable water from underground tanks. The water is trucked in and stored in underground tanks, so it is possible…

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What type of piping was it?


That is the question, and why I asked the OP to post photos!

What does the piping connect to? Heating, cooling, potable water, grey water, indoor plant irrigation?

It’s called a cistern, if that’s what it is. Bermuda could not support habitation if not for cisterns.

This simply amplifies the need for your ‘client’ to have a complete home inspection before committing to a property.

It’s been mentioned a few times above! Haha!

Why is that funny? You’ve been home for too long; nothin’ funny about that!

It’s funny how the same information gets posted so many times! As if someone else posting the same thing helps the OP further along! Go ahead if it floats your boat!

pay attention, you’ll notice a pattern. A good skill to have for a HI :slight_smile:

Haha! I pay attention!

I’m so broke I can’t pay attention. It’s to costly.

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