Bush's Visit to Fayetteville Ark

And he didn’t travel in a motorcade or blocked traffic for hours.

However he did finish a request for alarm help to the Arkansas State Rehabilitation Services.

The Foundation received a request from Bonnie O’Boyle, the director of the Fayetteville branch for Rehabilitation Services for 15 alarms to extremely low income families. Dave Bush, not the current Pres. volunteered to make the delivery run and made personal contact with Bonnie.

Pictured below is Dave Bush, from Joplin MO. turning over to Bonnie, 15 units. Dave Bush is the owner of Quality Home Inspections and has been working with the Foundation since in the early days. Thank Dave for the help


You got to appreciate the sign behind them!

"It’s all about the work"

Thanks Dave

You guys are doing good work.

Dave, you’re a stand up guy.