Business Ethics question

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Thanks R. O’Conner,

I appreciate yours and everyone elses input.

I have started looking at various insurance options, and learned that "professional liability" insurance is nearly doubled if I am involved in any type of A&E (design) work, a significant deterrant since that work would likely be small in volume. I am waiting to hear back from the agent on exactly what the difference between "professional liability" and "E&O" insurance is, since the P.L. rate was close to what I've seen for E&O -- 2500/yr for 500K.

Anyway, as for additional work, I am now considering looking to see if there is a market for independent construction site inspections since that will certainly be much more in my area of experience, especially for larger projects. These could be periodic and may or may not involve pay application/progress analysis. Has anyone had success with this type of additional service?