Cable in chimney chase

Are cables allowed in chimney chases? It would seem that hte heat would exceed the insulation temperature rating. I couldn’t find anything in the NEC. Any thoughts?

cable in chase.JPG

It depends on the flue pipe. If this is triple wall it can be in contact with combustibles and it will probably be fine with the wire.

Thanks Greg.:slight_smile:

I think with a 2 inch clearance you are good!
don’t bet the farm on my openion!

Other components can share a chimney chase (piping, cable, conduit, etc.), but the chimney and chase require fireblocking.

You should not be able to see down the chase. It should have a steel or drywall fireblock in place. . .

Also any wire penetration through the studs should be sealed with fire rated caulking.

Excellent points - Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

If the heating unit is in the basement then as Jeff said a fireblock is required above the boiler or furnace. If your picture however is from the 2nd floor looking down through 1st floor and not the basement than no fire stop is requied. I had the same in my home before I changed to direct vent. You might want to check the town codes too.

Firestop is required at every floor and/or ceiling level of a chimney chase. The chase cannot communicate directly with the attic without a firestop.

Draft stopping and firestopping was not always done back in the olden days.

That’s true, but it has always been part of the design for manufactured chimneys.