California Legislation

All California Inspectors -

What do you think about legislation to regulate home inspectors? This is assuming we write the legislation to protect our interests and minimize the influence of Realtors in the process.

Specific goals would be to

  • establish a threshold based on Nachi like standards for membership that California Inspectors must adhere to
  • a law to limit the ability of Realtors to influence/control who gets this business.
  • limit competition from “inspectors” that are not qualified (to be defined) - one of the problems we have is that anyone can be an inspector and that keeps prices artificially lower

Items that the legislation should not do…

  • create another government agency that will increase taxes
  • another board to hassle home inspectors
    *]should not drain funds from the general fund (but be self funded by registered inspectors)
    Let’s discuss this and anyone who wants to participate in this process, let me know. I am very interested in making this happen. I just don’t know how to get started.

Hi Steven:

Russell and Jeff have been keeping everyone abreast to the CA debacle. Check out the archived thread. You can also contact Patrick Sisler. He handles the Western United States.

Thanks for the Post!


Thank you.


A few months ago I posted that I would be getting together with several of the states so-called government employess to talk about this situation here in California. I have made dozens of calls and am currently waiting for a call back so I can go down to Sacramento and speak with these people on this subject.

We as Home Inspectors, in California, will have to have our voice heard. What better place than an organization such as NACHI. They will hear us, one way or another if I have to camp out at their doorstep. What we are looking at in the near future is a boondaggle to license Home Inspectors here in CA. This will probably come to fruition as the state loves to tax us in any possible way they can.

We are no different than any other state in the U.S. when it comes to licensing contractors etc… We have to be vigilant and keep an eye on these people as they think we are unaware and could care less about anything that they wish to do with OUR Industry.

I asked, in a post, months ago for all NACHI members in the Western United States to contact me about this legislation and other states legislation as well. I have received several calls from some very concerned members from several states that wished to voice their concerns and offered to help in any way. This is what we need to show how our Industry feels about certain legislation.

As soon as I get contact with the State I will post and deliver what our meeting came down to. I am very adament about this and hope there will be a little more talk of this for us in California amongst our fellow Inspectors.

For those who wish to keep in contact please call me at anytime you wish. I will ALWAYS MAKE TIME for NACHI and it’s members.


Patrick M. Sisler