California passes new law: Fast food workers get minimum of $20/hour

California Governor Signs Fast Food Industry Minimum Wage Law - Ogletree.

Remember when it was the goal to get all fast food workers to a “living wage” and $15/hour?

Has anyone who hasn’t been in a drunken blackout for the past 2 years noticed how much fast food costs now that the employees get their $12-15/hour?

Every meal is at least $10.

Remember when you could buy a Big Mac Meal for $2.99? I do. The minimum wage was $3.35/hour.

Anyone notice a correlation? It seems like if you raise the minimum wage, the price of everything goes up, making the minimum wage insufficient again.

It’s almost as if employers aren’t just dipping into their pockets when they are forced to pay employees more. The greedy SOBs! They lay off people and raise prices. Who could have ever predicted such a thing? I mean, it’s not like Milton Friedman ever talked about it and that Adam Smith and his damn invisible hand playing pocket pool.


Well, now you get $20/Hr Boogers with those fries! :rofl:

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Those idiotic, short-sighted, dictators in Sacramento are going to be disappointed (yet again). They will make a few fast food workers happy for a short time. But, all this is really going to do is cause several borderline fast food chains to leave California, while causing those chains that remain with the resources to speed up the adoption of automation (robots), leading to considerably less jobs available for low-skilled and entry-level laborers (read: more poor people). That, and more poor (particularly homeless) people will go hungry that can’t even afford a fast food burger anymore…

Whenever government intervenes in the market there are always unintended consequences and people get hurt. Remember the mortgage crisis and a few million people losing their homes? This may not be on the same scale, but the results will be similar.


Simple math. The more the state requires a private company pay their employees, the more taxes the state gets. It doesn’t get more rigged than that.


Feel free to send some El Pollo Loco’s to SW Ohio. That’s one fast food restaurant that I can say I really miss.


I would not be surprised if many fast-food restaurants in CA enter into death spirals in the near future. They have significantly raised prices and, as a result, the whole market will soon shrink, putting serious stress on the entire industry. Which makes me wonder if that was indeed the intended outcome of the self-righteous crazies in Sacramento.

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The wet dream of these lefties is universal basic income which is what is necessary if all your skill free labor is priced out. Everyone gets money from the government. You will always have enough to eat, live and pursue your dreams. Just sign right here, get everything you want. There’s a few limitations, but you nevermind those. Have a nice day. Just remember, a vote for us, means the gravy train continues. The other guy wants you homeless and hungry.


Vote for Alice!!

Alice can be VP


ALICE 2024!!! :grinning:

Maybe this will be a good thing. Anything that gets people from eating horrible fast foods might not be so bad.

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I agree that, in abundance, fast food isn’t good for people. It is such a little thing for people to understand.

Can I be in charge of who gets to eat what? :partying_face:

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Very rare that the wife and I eat out, much less at fast food places except when we are on the road traveling which isn’t often.

We went to visit my elderly parents this past weekend and stopped at the local chain grocery store to get something for dinner from their “hot bar”. BBQ ribs looked good so we got that and small prepackaged container of potato salad. A little over $20 bucks. We had BBQ and the potato salad for two nights. We left yesterday and stopped at Arby’s for lunch. 1 sandwich combo meal with an additional sandwich…$17.

The side note is that we still have BBQ ribs and potato salad left for another meal that we brought home. Thus the reason we cook at home and don’t eat fast food unless we’re traveling…

All I know is for $20 an hour they better get my order correct. Went to McDonald’s the other day all I ordered was a Diet Coke they gave me a Dr Pepper, not even joking.

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I don’t eat fast food, but I can’t afford to eat at home. Too expensive in time.

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So you don’t eat Nick? :rofl: :rofl:

I don’t even wait for a waitress to take my order. I call and say I’m on my way (restaurant about a mile from my home) and when I show up, my table (in the back) is set and waiting. I feel like a king. I eat fast and go back to work. I save a fortune compared to cooking at home. Only time I cook at home is if my kids want to cook with me.