Calling Paul or any GRU

In my opinion the panel manufacturer does not give you enough lugs in some circumstances (larger homes with many circuits in one panel) to indivisually place the grounded conductor (neutral) under one lug. For the most part I also note it in my report and mention for improved electrical safety you may want to repair.

You just need to buy the add in kits to add extra lugs

Did something change with the NEC 2005? This section is no longer there. Maybe it moved… Currently, WI still uses the NEC 2005 excluding the AFCI section.

In the 2005 NEC, it was moved to 408.41.


Great! Thank you! I found it.

Unforeteally we allready took in 2008 NEC code in effect and it should be allready in effect.{ yeah with few addments and deletesments }

Look up the Comm 16 they change a bit in there.

{ The Comm 16 is State of Wisconsin electrical code }

The AFCI requirement will be in use after 2010 { I will have to find the details when they will be in effect }


I see this all the time. The ground and neutral from the same circuit under the same lug. I suppose the installers think it makes the panel look organized.