Cancellation policy

Question: What is the general thought on a cancellation fee? And how much? I’m thinking about adding one to my agreement for client’s cancelling me 48 hours or less before the appointment…thoughts?
Thank you!

I never had one. I just moved on to the next inspection because I knew they would call me for their next one.


48 hours sounds like pretty reasonable notice. Remember they’re either not getting paid, or not getting the house they wanted, if there’s a cancellation.

Here’s a thread from two days ago that is relevant:

Exactly. Some times it’s a blessing because I can move a customers inspection time up to help with due diligence. Time slots fill quickly and clients will call back and reschedule.


I’ve never had this kind of policy either, and though I understand having a client cancel a job can throw a momentary wrench in the works, I consider it part of doing business.



Generally there are two sides to this scenario…

  1. Inspectors that are pissed for losing the paycheck because they’re not busy enough to absorb the hit,


  1. Inspectors that welcome the much needed day off to go fishing!

I agree. It’s never good to lose the money, but it’s part of the business. Look at it from the customer’s side. How many times have we cancelled something at the last minute? It happens. As long as you are congenial and professional about and assure them it is okay, they won’t forget. Unless of course they are cancelling to hire someone else. Hard not to be a bit defensive about it then, but still keep a positive attitude with the customer. I have had folks cancel for many reasons, and most all have called again.

An unplanned day off is always great.

In regards to the OP…if you had to pay a cancellation fee for scheduling something, would you schedule it, or try to find someone that doesn’t charge?

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You can help reduce cancellations by not scheduling the inspection unless the client has an accepted offer and is under contract. I think many agents/clients are trying to book the inspection at the time of offer to ensure a time slot but then cancel when the offer is not accepted. When I get a call and they are at the offer stage, I tell them I will “pencil” them in but that I cannot hold the spot so they should get back to me as soon as possible. I then try to book around that spot if possible.


That being the case, the first concern an inspector should have is “WHY”?


Price is often a factor. I have had a few that told me they got a better price. Sobeit. Good luck then.
I have had a few that one spouse scheduled not knowing the other had scheduled.


As others have said, it is a part of doing business. Move on if it happens to you.


Thank you everyone for your feedback! It all makes sense and getting cancelled less than 48 hours or 24 hours before the appointment is part of the biz. Wishing everyone a great day!

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I love my unexpected days off. Spend extra time with the family. My time is more valuable than money.