Car insurance

So I asked my car insurance company and they were little help. If you logo up your vehicle with your business logo and use it to go to and from inspections is that considered business vehicle which will cost more money or regular everyday insurance. On the allstate website it says you need it if you leased the vehicle under a corp, which I didn’t or if you take deliverys which we do not and if you have a permanently installed tools such as a ladder rack which I do not. So I guess by there terms its is not considered business yet they can not give me a straight answer. Just curious what others have found and do.

My insurance considers it “commuting to work” as I do not haul any materials in it, only myself and my tools. Also… NO RIDERS or PASSENGERS that do not work under your employ.

Yeah, gets tricky, but if they do not consider it a business vehicle, make certain they place a statement in your file with that determination, and get a copy of it… JUST IN CASE!!!

The deal InterNACHI members have with Liberty Mutual permits this:

Been an Allstate customer 35 years, you drive it to and from work. Your transition time is not business so no additional coverage needed. HOWEVER… I do carry a blanket liability policy cause with my logo all over the place they whom I may bump will go after my company when they are at home watching the “hammer” commercials recuperating.
Insurance is a necessary evil and I for one am not going to work my tail off for years only to be underinsured and wiped out with one law suit… Think about your investment of time, talent and treasure… Willing to risk that all for a few hundred dollars a year??.. Just me spewing!

I have my vehicle registered as a commercial vehicle, and my carrier covers it as a “work” vehicle, both of which mean nothing to me. However, my accountant advised me that this will allow for the best in deductions each year.

Ask your accountant.

Get the commercial insurance. If you’re in an accident, that’s when the adjuster will look for loopholes to deny your claim, and using personal insurance for a commercial vehicle is one way to deny a claim.


Mine is registered under business name and insured as commercial vehicle. I also have an umbrella policy which covers tools and junk.

This is important. most personal vehicle insurance and home owners insurance will NOT cover tools for a business. I had a small bag of tools stolen once, those things add up quick if you got to buy them all at once.