Carrier Age

These units are both Carrier.
AC serial # is 0058320
Furnace serial # is G19771 910
These numbers just do not seem to match any of my information on Carrier.
Im guessing 2000 on the AC and maybe 1971 on the Furnace.
Any help would be appreciated.

I’m guessing 77 on the furnace and 00 on the AC.

I graduated high school and Elvis died in 77. That was quite a while ago.

Thanks Joe, when Elvis died I was trying to explain to a friend why there was only fourteen and a half inches between studs on 16 inch centers. We heard the news on the radio. Funny how somethings stick in your memory.

And I was busy building this.


“**Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Day & Night: **Recently (last 20 years or so) the first four numbers in the serial number represent the week and year. Previously, it was a complex series of letters and single digits. Call 905 672-0860 if you get stuck.”

Your numbers seem right.

Good link. So it’s a 1971. “Appears serviceable.”

Thanks Guys!