Carrying "Tools"

Hey everyone. How do you guys carry everything during an inspection–electrical testers, moisture meters, gas detectors, multi-meter, flashlights, etc. Right now I have a tool bag that works okay. However, it has one main compartment with a small side pocket so everything disappears into the bag. I have considered maybe a photographer’s type vest. Or maybe a more segmented tool bag. Just curious what others use.

You might get some ideas here.

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Slightly different subject but has some of the things mentioned in the thread @dwigger posted, plus several rabbit hole adventures… Suggested PPE Items? - Specific Inspection Topics / Inspection Hardware, Software & Publications - InterNACHI®️ Forum

I have a couple of bags like this for random tools, safety gear, extra shoes, spare batteries, etc…

I wear carpenter pouches and carry the essentials with me while the tool bags stay somewhere nearby should I need something. . I usually have a tablet and small notebook in one of the bigger pouches with my phone. I had an all leather set up but then found this on a sale rack at HD. Works for me…
It doesn’t have everything I carry in the pic, I just rearranged some things to give an idea…


I use a carry bag like @mdurante for the seldom used stuff and I have a small belt clip pouch for the common stuff. Under the advice of wifey I joined AARP and they sent me a shoulder pouch that I now put the belt pouch in and I can add a few more things. Belt pouch spent all its time pulling down my trousers anyway!

First time out with my new shoulder job I left the whole thing behind after loading the truck and had to go back for it. Haven’t done that since.


I tried something similar but i kept dumping things when crawling or looking under stuff.

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Same here. Now, (for the last 10 years), I wear these, or very similar. I can put everything I need 90% of the time in the multiple pockets. Hang flashlight from D-ring . Of course I also have a larger bag with all the other stuff, which is a lot, that I use about 10% of the time. Very comfortable and durable.


These look pretty interesting. Don’t plan on buying one, but they have a variety of sizes and configurations.

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Same here, I’ve been using these for a number of years now, pricey but worth it - Men’s Fire Hose Relaxed Fit Cargo Work Pants | Duluth Trading Company


I use a 9-pocket utility vest for the most-used items. The advantages are that I don’t drop or lose stuff if I keep the pockets zipped and can get into tight spaces. Disadvantages are that it can get warm in summer and always zipping and unzipping.


How long have you been using a vest? What brand is that? I am leaning that way.

that you can also properly squat, kneel, crawl, etc. without having a bunch of crap in your pockets and/or around your waist.

Mine is a lightweight fishing vest, that the back can be unzipped to expose mesh/ventilation.

Everything at Duluth is pricey, even underwear :flushed:. They sure are proud of their stuff.

Spotex - About one year. I wished it breathed better, but do like the light weight feel. As others have noted, you can move freely while carrying all the necessary tools and widgets (in my vest I carry: tape measure, multi-head screwdriver, flashlight, moisture meter, IR thermometer, voltage detector, circuit tester, as well as my C5 infrared camera).