Caulking at J channel

Any comments appreciated- J channel butting up against the window frame or trim such as brick mold- even if flashed would it not be prudent to recommend sealing that entry point for moisture before it gets to the flashing/drainage plane?


If the underlying water resistive barrier and flashing around the doors and windows were properly installed, caulking/sealing at the J channel/moulding would be unnecessary. With the thermal expansion and contraction of the siding, the sealant would not last long. Always use the siding product manufacturer’s installation instructions when in doubt.

I agree with Russell.

I agree, and it would look like hell.
Vinyl siding is the first line of defense against harsh conditions, but the underlying WRB and flashing is what is suppose to keep things water tight. Vinyl siding allows water intrusion every where.

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Thanks for the commentary.