CCHI number 2

Congratulations to Tim Forest of Global Property Inspections, Red Deer for becoming the second CCHI inspector in Alberta

Good for TIM and the Alberta Homies you have set the bar hope all do as well .
Thanks to all Alberta Home Inspectors … Roy

Congratulations to Tim Forest of Global Property Inspections, Red Deer for becoming the second CCHI inspector in Alberta

Good work. Congratulations!

Hey, 1…2…It’s fric & frac again. Trying real hard to get back in, Wanda…to the point of faked congratulatory remarks…SAD!!!SAD!!SAD!!!
From an earlier post of Wanda’s today:

“*Big deal. Like being a member is important for my biz.” *

Jekyll or Hyde…which is it tonight?

Guys Ignore mcniesh. No point is derailing this Thread.

Congratulations Tim. Well done.

So you and Wanda are good friends!! Who’da thunk it??

Congrats Ted!

FYI Brian: I can attest that Ray is not trying to rejoin InterNACHI. On more than one occasion, Ray has politely declined my offers to help get him back in.

Anyway, Brian… we let you have free reign here, how about staying off the congratulatory threads. Not appropriate. Thanks in advance.


As you may or may not have seen, I said that I do not agree with any/all RHI’s doing the same for CAHPI members that need to get a temporary fix until they get enough training/education/experience to receive a designation recognized in Alberta. An independent board should be doing this procedure. Just because someone achieves CMI/RHI does not give them the skills to be a teacher or an examiner!!

Suddenly there is a new designation (CCHI) that is not recognized by the Alberta government…the “House of Smoke and Mirrors” continues to smoke…all is not as it appears!!!

How much longer do you plan to allow him to abuse this privilege? While his ramblings are harmlessly predictable and benign, he is still violating the message board rules as a non-member guest. If not now…when?

Don’t let me interfere with your sleep again tonight, James!! G’night, dear!!

BTW, Can you speak to Nick about making a farce of designations/accreditations in the HI industry. You were doing a good job when there was that “little squabble in the family” over a year ago…nothing’s changed in that department but you don’t speak against it anymore…what’s up?

CCHI designation was created for the Alberta government, it`s an official government recognized designation, you need to catch up to date .

That’s even worse and sadder then!! Someone that has a “certified” designation when they may actually be 2 years away from achieving the actual certification required to be an HI…the poor public there…who is really certified to a decent level that is rigorous and defendable???

BTW, is that designation in the regulations?

Why would CCHI have to be in the regulations , the government is very clear you don`t need any designation, but you have to satisfy the government requirements for a license, the CCHI designation will apply to both full lisence and conditional license Alberta Nachi members .

At present, I thought only CMI’s and RHI’s are to be recognized in the end…no NACHI only members.

CMI and RHI are grandfathered, the government will recognize any individual who satisfies license requirements, once again designations do not matter.

RHI and CMI are grandfathered , the gov, trying not to put guys out of work is allowing those with 25 paid inspections and a peer review to get a conditional license, the government needs to keep track of this, if you are an Alberta Nachi member and have passed the peer review and 25 inspections you are granted CCHI status ,but you implied CCHI status meant that you are still an HI working towards being certified for the next 2 years, their are Alberta Nachi members who already have the CD diploma , they will be fully licensed and remain CCHI members, it`s not a training designation title .

But yes your right , if the date was Sept 2nd 2011 and you went to get your license the gov will only recognize CMI , RHI , And CD diploma, their is a loop hole in the system though, the Alberta Government said that they will honor BC licensed home Inspectors if they were to move to Alberta, you can get a BC license as a CanNachi member, see the hole, not that I am putting down CanNachi , just that they are not approved in Alberta , but in a round about way still qualify in Alberta,

What mr. macniesh does not understand is the simple fact We are following the rule of law IE Home Inspector Regulations under the Fair Trading Act of Alberta. There are things within these regulations I do not agree with but it is the law and a violation can result in fines up to 100,000. and/or up two years in jail. I will follow the law and work to change it but in the mean time we have to abide by the law.

Congradulations Tim, Ignore all the rants and see all the people that are behind you not the ones who find any opportunity to beat down InterNACHI. Don’t turn this into the brow beating like it was when I was the first.