celluose flammability

In a house inspected thy used celluose on the finished walls in the basement on the other side of the wall the insulation is exposed and they also sparyed it up by the rim joist. Th basement is a finsihed basement with conventional framing and drywall, but in some areas like the utility room on the unfinished side they just left insulation exposed.Waht do you guys think about it?

If your question has to do with combustibility, then that would not be of a concern unless it is near something that could set it on fire, like a furnace or water heater flue. Most of the components in a house will burn. A fire-proof house is not required.

I was just thinking that they should have it covered with drywall like regular kraft faced fiberglass

Need a photo.

I hope this helps

The Cellulose is flammable but what I would worry more about is Black mold, with no vapor barrier this stuff will be soaking wet or already is providing a medium for mold growth.

Check your facts please


I knew that celluose does not need a vapor barrier. Im just worried that over time does the fire retardness diminish and if you get some yahoo smoking or doing some plumbing work the whole place could go up. If it was me I would cover it with dry wall that is just me though

I use this type of cellulose in the homes I build, fire retardants are applied to it, its mold resistant and has a better R-value than fiberglass.
Do not put any type of plastic over it.
My installer puts up mesh to keep it in place in instances like this.

I love the product myself…it definitely outshines fiberglass.


I think that paper backed insulation in the photo marke Certainteed is definitely flammable, and would be willing to be that is exactly what it says right there on the paper.

Yeah that why I reported both the celluose and the kraft faced as exposed insulation

Actually looking at the picture carefully, the cellulose does indeed have mesh stapled to same to keep the cellulose from falling…kudos to the installer.

Neither should have been reported that the products are flammable or should be covered unless it is for habitable use. As Joe said…you can’t make a home fireproof. Should one report that studs are exposed in a garage…simply because a car is stored there along with a gas water heater, lawn mower, gasoline can etc…don’t think so.

Ill second that.
Back in my construction days, I ran into this several times. Very commonly I would leave it covered and uncovered. Most times it was merely related to the banks varying stances on unfinished areas. My Kids would find a way to shred it, and drywall is cheep. Its probably a good idea to put something on it, but not a requirement by any means. My $.02

that is the way ifeel about it just hang some sheetrock really quick and the you are done with it. No insulation falling all over the place it what was just like maybe two sheets. I reported as exposed insulation check for proper application

Here is a cool video on cellulose flammability…

That is cool. I always worry about the Kraft side of fiberglass. Does anyone know if celluose over time loses any of it’s fire retardness? That is the only thing that iwould worry about if it was exposed?

Yes it does