Central A/C Unit & Gas Water Heater Same Closet?

** ** Hello to all,
I have a question that may someone will be able to answer for me please.

Just made an offer on a home and owners accepted my offer.

The home is in great condition, but, in the hallway of the house is the Central A/C Unit in a closet, AND, in this same closet is the brand new Gas Water Heater.


Being the home will be purchased with an FHA Loan, of course there will be a FHA Inspector coming out to the home to inspect it. We also will have an additional Home Inspector to come out and inspect the house.

I’m not to sure if the FHA Inspector will called on the A/C Unit & Gas Water Heater being in the same closet together, but I would think that the Home Inspector would? Yes? No?

This has to be illegal right?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!



There is alot more info needed to determine an answer for you on this, and most will not give an opinon without being there.

What is the age of the home

There will be manufacturers’ recommended clearances for their individual equipment plus some generally required code clearances for the flue pipes and chimney depending on types.

Try this



Hire a qualified independent professional inspector.
The small amount of money spent, compared to the big picture, will be worth it in the long run.

Good luck

If you are talking about a gas furnace and a water heater in the same area, it’s very common. Often, the flues are joined together. The area would have to be properly ventilated to provide combustion air when gas burning appliances are present. There are codes as to how that is done.

I would recommend a full louvered door be installed to this room to provide proper combustion air. It also depends on weather your furnace is a high efficiency unit pulling combustion air from the outside. Too many variables without seeing it first hand.

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Re: Central A/C Unit & Gas Water Heater Same Closet?

I would not recommend that based on the return air below the furnace???

Charley, I think the vent in the picture is showing a combustion air grill and not a return vent.

This is the problem with trying to give advise without all of the details. There was no mention of return be it ducted or not.
IMHO this individual knows a lot more than we are being led to believe.