Central Tennessees' 2nd Chapter Meeting

Thanks to all who attended the meeting.
We had a good time with lots of great questions and idea input.

Special thanks go to Mr. Donald Trotter, our adminstrative director
of home inspector licensing here in tennessee. His presence was well
received and appreciated.
We are looking forward to working with Mr. Trotter on issues directly affecting our industry.

Total of 24 Home Inspectors attending. Good turn out in Franklin.
Thanks to our presenter, it was informative.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of our attendees at our next meeting
in Lebanon Tn. on August 14. ( please check our web site for details at:
http://tn.nachi.org/centraltennessee/events.html )

If there are inspectors out there you may know of that do not as yet know we are holding industry meetings, PLEASE invite them to come and participate, we’d love to have them present.

Until next we meet,

James Huette - Central Tennessee Chapter President

please send questions or comments directly to me at