Central vac System

I found a central vac system that is unhooked, but still hanging in the stairway to the basement…and the conductors, etc left hanging out. Should I recommend this be completely removed?






I would not recommend this, Not withstanding the fact I have installed about 2,000 of them in my time and we happen to be an authorized dealer who installs them…but given the fact if you are speaking of the smaller wires that simply activate the system itself…they pose no real safety issues or concerns.

Now if the 120V electrical wiring to it is damaged, cords been altered or something like that…then fine…you can list but the low voltage wires alone to the system…I would not concern myself with those items.

I would however verify the UNIT is present in the report and that it was non-operational…just to let them know you saw it unless your report like mine says you do not inspect them…but I have inspected them before as a negotiated part of my inspection…simply cross out the part that says I dont inspect them…lol…simple right…:slight_smile:

But I dont think the wiring is anything I would concern myself over if again it is the low voltage control wiring part of the system that goes to the actual inlets.

In my agreement, central vacuum systems are specifically excluded.

Central Vacuum.

  • Inoperable at time of Inspection.
  • Recommend repair and/or replacement of the unit.