Certified Renovator Inspector Online Video Course

This thread is dedicated for students to discuss the 45-minute “Renovation Inspection Video” online course.

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Rehab consultation service for all the torn up foreclosures perhaps?

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This 45-minute video is for home inspectors.

Home inspectors play an important role in helping to prevent lead exposure. Inspectors can ensure that renovation is performed in accordance with lead-safe work practice requirements.

This 45-minute video reviews what contractors must do in order to perform lead-safe work practices.

*(If you are a contractor, become Lead-Safe Certified through the InterNACHI 8-hour RRP course). *

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Colorado the only available location for the 2 hours of hands on training requirement at this time?

We are working in cooperation with EPA approved trainers throughout the country.
We’ll find a trainer to provide the 2-hour hands-on session for you. There is a fee associated with that training, and the national average is $200-250, but we’re negotiating with trainers to bring that cost down for InterNACHI members.

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When are you going to have a class on the inspection side. I have my contractors through Titan, but cannot complete the inspection process. Training ???

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I just completed the course and have a question about the maintaining of records.

If renovation work was completed prior to a real estate home inspection on a home possibly containing lead paint, should the seller provide documentation as to who completed the renovation and when?

I know the records are to be kept for three years after the renovation so if the renovation occurred more than three years earlier, no one may have records.

If records should be available, and are not (indicating these steps were probably not taken), what, if anything, should be noted on the inspection report?



Starting course now

I am beginning course.

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