certifiedNACHIstore.com now NACHIstuff.com


June 19, 2006

The Certified NACHI Store (*www.certifiedNACHIstore.com](http://www.certifiedNACHIstore.com)) is pleased and excited to announce a new, easier to use internet address. Now, when you want to go to the Certified NACHI Store website, just type in *www.NACHIstuff.com](http://www.NACHIstuff.com).

The Certified NACHI Store is the only source for the NACHI Report Presentation Kit. You wouldn’t show up at an inspection in your underwear. Why would you want to hand out your report without dressing it up. The NACHI Report Presentation Kit showcases your report in a beautiful NACHI binder and the rest of the kit adds value to your report.

When you want your report to look the best it can, go to *www.NACHIstuff.com](http://www.NACHIstuff.com).*