Chapter Prez Endorses iNACHI IR Class

InterNACHI Infrared Certification Course -

Posted with permission:

:slight_smile: My I’m a gal of few words… LOL

I forgot to add my comment on today’s test - so, I e-mailed you again John.

Anyhow, John did a great job in presenting the material. It is a good introduction into the practical use of a thermal imaging camera for our industry. I look forward to getting my new camera & getting some field experience with it.

BTW - here is my “official” testimonial. :wink:

*“This course strikes a good balance between providing technical detail and showing the practical use of a thermal imaging camera in the building inspection industry. The material is easy to follow & explains the use of this tool & the terminology associated with it, in such a manner, it’s easy for a beginner to understand.”

Thanks Carolyn.