Checking the float switch

Is there any other alternatives to ensure it is working other than physically shoving something under it,

then crawling all the way back out of the attic,

then going back down the stairs,

then going outside to see if the compressor is still turning??? :frowning:

Wheres Charley when I need him??

The compressor receives its signal too turn on and off from the air handler. So if you engage the float switch in the attic and the air handler shuts down you are good too go. But you are going to have too find another means for making up for the additional exercise that you will be loosing. LOL

The air handler does NOT always shut off.

The switch is most often installed on the control wiring out to the condensor unit.

Here is a shortcut for you lazy guys…

1/ there should be a light at the HVAC unit indoors… (I say Should)

2/ activate the switch, which will shut down the compressor.

3/ De-activate the swirch and watch for the light to blink when the compressor kicks on again.

Your right, some just shut off the compressor and when the switch drops it kicks right back on.
Some I can hear the freon in the line stop and others the system will shut down. Its just some that your not sure.
The attic today was no prize to get into. Gambrel roof with an upstairs so not much room.


I’m curious as to why you would want the air handler to run when the pan was full? Shutting the AH down will also shutdown the compressor. Wouldn’t it be more obvious to the homeowner that there is a problem when there was no air coming out of the duct work?

Because, when you hook it up so the whole unit shuts off, you kill the heater too.

If there is a problem with the switch (someone knocked it off by storing crap where they should not be) you end up with no heat…

I think we can get by without A/C but have a freeze problem if we loose the heat.

OK makes sense, around here most AC units do not also provide heat so it’s not an issue.

What ever happened to the touchy feel method if the compressor is off the suction and liquid refrigerant lines become ambient pretty quick and they are right in front of you:D:D:p

That takes to long, and you and I have the only “calibrated hands” in the group! :wink: