Chemical type offensive odor

Did inspection of a new construction two story home. Slab foundation, brick veneer on front, hardi-board on sides, asphalt shingle roof on LP Foil TechShield.

There was a chemical sort of odor present in the second floor area. The odor was stronger in the attic when the scuttle was opened.

I thought at first it was the new carpet, but the potential buyer said the odor had been present before the carpet was laid several weeks earlier. The walls were finished with drywall, textured, and painted, with carpet on floor.

Any ideas what testing could be done?

She had talked to a toxicologist person, but the builder wouldn’t pay for it, so it didn’t happen.

Would any of the city departments handle this sort of problem? :weird:

Any pesticide pretreatment performed to the slab and/or wall cavities?

mmmmm, I don’t know. Will research.

Some strong adhesives like “AFG-01?” give off a weird smell for a long time. Typically used for roof sheathing in hurricane/tornado areas.



Were the floors poly’ed recently?

Floors were mostly carpet.
Sheet vinyl in both upstairs baths, downstairs kitchen, dining, bath, entry.
No Poly on the floors or cabinets.

Odor was stronger in the attic space. Outside temp was in upper 80’s the day of inspection.

It had more the odor of glue, similar to contact cement (without the fumes).

Puzzled me.


Wasn’t batt & loose fill fiberglass insulation, was it?

If this stuff gets wet it reeks.

You might have been smelling the glue from the vinyl sheet installation.

Linda I hope this helps!

Thanks, guys.

Marcel, the insulation was blown-in fiberglass, pink. The handfull I picked up did not seem to have an odor. It was full / fluffy and didn’t appear to have been previously wet.

Mario, I will check into the VOC site.

One of the wonders of the universe !!