Chicago NACHI, first chapter to spin off into its own corporation.

I have been informed that all the not-for-profit incorporation papers were approved at both state and federal level for Chicago NACHI. I believe it is our first chapter to become a separate entity.

New York NACHI may disagree though, they are now a separate corporation as well.

Several other established NACHI chapters are in the process of becoming their own separate corporations.

To quote Kruchchev, “We had it FIRST!”

The New York / Chicago rivalry is long lived and will be for centuries.

But, WE HAD IT FIRST!. Eat that, Yankee boys!

I don’t care is this helps!

GO CUBS!!! :cool:

Be careful, Will…

Us NY guys may need to size you for a pair of cement boots…

15 D. Good freakin’ luck :mrgreen:

If you find a store that carries them, let me know. Hard enough to find shoes as it is.

White Sox, Cub Sox, Red Sox, Dirty Sox, it doesn’t matter…

when it comes to baseball you’re all at the bottom of the food chain :cool: :cool: :cool:


New York Rules!!!

Oh yeah and that goes for you 15 D guys too !!!


When we finish with your pond scum (Mets), we will deal with your Yankees…

They’ve got to “bitch slap” the Padres first, which I hope they do, so you can come over to our joint and not get “bitch slapped”, but a real *** kickin’:smiley:

Nice talkin’ to you !!!


Lookin’ forward to it.:wink:

Mets are pond scum.

Now boys. Play nice.