chimney brick help please


Has anyone come across something like this before?

Century house, chimney no longer used, metal chimney coming out the top of chimney, above soffits.

I didn’t notice anything from the inside.

Is is just moisture, or something else? I thought it felt a little greasy, but I could be wrong. Perhaps from a past use?

Thanks for any advice,


exterior chimney.JPG

Obvious water infiltration…did you have a look at the chimney flashing and cap?

Any signs in that area in attic?

Paul i have seen this before, When the new high efficiency oil furnace came out and stack temps where about 300 moisture would form and seep through the walls of the chimney (Fast it was not lined) exactly like your pictures, Ask them what kind of furnace they had? Btw where was this taken , Just curious.

Hi Wayne, photo taken up here in Ontario. I will have to ask about previous furnace. Current one is gas, with its own vent. Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

Paul i use to live in that area , Thats why i was asking,