can someone tell me what’s the use of this

100_0266 (Small).JPG

Hi Earl,

looks like its sole purpose is to shorten the life span of the inhabitants.

Recommend a level II chimney evaluation by a licensed sweep



This chimney is not in use it’s condemed

What was the point of your original post and question?

well in that case, it must be a “pre condemed chimney condemer vent”.

just wanted to no why the piece of metal was there.

Old water heater termination.

could it have been a dryer vent?? i know it’s wrong but…???

either water heater or gas dryer or space heater or…god knows what

This looks like it was a place to clean out soot from the chimney that was sealed shut. Sealing it would prevent birds and squirrels from getting into the house. I’ve found many dehydrated animals in vents.